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Contour Light Lipo Laser (LED) Machine: A Strong LED Unit

One of our more preferred laser machines is the Contour Light. The unit produces enough power that increases efficiency in a short amount of time. It comes with a potent heat management system, high power in each diode, and an elevated degree of fluence. Each patient will experience a quick, but effective session thanks to the machine; the rapidity and quality of its work is doubled compared to most machines. This creates impressive results that will make clients interested for more sessions.

Now, it is important to know that before purchasing this or any other lipo laser/LED, you would want to make sure that it meets your requirements. The same can be said about any brand or model of lipo laser (LED) machine, not just Contour Light. We suggest taking our quiz (opens a new tab or window) to make sure that the brand and model is perfect and satisfying towards your needs. It will prepare you for what may be expected before ordering.

Contour Light machines are built for facing multitudes of clientele in spas or clinics. As a third generation device (635 nanometers of wavelength), it works at a rapid pace to drain lipids from cells efficiently. Simultaneously, doctors can use a body vibration machine to extract fat after being removed from cells. Drainage can only be done for short periods at a time because the body can only handle so much stress. The systems (detox and lymph) have their limitations. Losing large quantities of fat in a short amount of time can negatively affect one's health and results. Instead of losing the fat, the body will simply shift the fat in a different area. Multiple short sessions are best for enough time to safely remove fat naturally.

Overview of the Units: Structure & Functionality

The Contour Light machines are wonderful in terms of power, functionality, and stable structure. As the user, you have the ability to control power usage at any level. The controller is simple to use and comes with session time adjustments, ranging between 5 and 45 minutes. At the machine's anterior, there is a collection of five connectors (ports), which can fit five pads or four pads and a single face mask. The whole system is operable with complete, parallel control. Also, it comes with an integrated alarm system that may be disabled at any time.

The overall structure is magnificent and does not allow paddle cords to become tangled easily. Usually with machines, entangled cords are a commonality, but not with this model. Because of the power of each paddle, an excessive number of inefficient paddles is not needed.

Another benefit of having less paddles is improved hygienic maintenance and cleaning of the machinery. Keeping four paddles clean compared to two dozen paddles is easier and less time-consuming. Additionally, a translucent covering can be used for the client side of the paddles to keep dust away and can be washed. The plastic covering of the Contour Light is not expensive and is replaceable. The covering can be peeled off and another plastic sheet can be used in place of the old one.

The Technical Facts and Specifications

As far as the technical details are concerned, the Contour Light machines belong to the contemporary (third) generation of lipo laser (LED) machines. The diodes from this generation are some of the most powerful devices ever created for this type of machinery. Only 635 nanometers of wavelength, the units are immensely powerful, and are capable of creating large amounts of light for adipose tissue (remember: shorter the wavelength, the more potent the energy). The measurements of the four light pads are 28 inches by 12 inches, and each paddle contains 320 LED diodes. That's 40 milliwatts of light energy per diode (12,800 milliwatts in each paddle). Since there are four paddles, multiplying 12,800 by 4 is 51,200 milliwatts emitted. The person using the paddles will notice how comfortable and soft they are. The Contour Light has two arm straps (168 diodes for each strap).

Because there are less paddles included with the Contour Light brand model, we know why the paddles are the size that they are and vice versa. The average paddles are about 4"x 6", which is significantly smaller than Contour Light's paddles (approximately by 10%). This allows speed and efficiency to be easily achieved since the machine has paddles that are ten times larger. Other machines utilize smaller paddles that cause discomfort and include elastic or Velcro straps. This is not only time-consuming, but causing discomfort for patients that have to roll over; thankfully, the paddles of these units are large and flexible enough to avoid aforementioned discomfort.

The machine includes a set of dual cellulite removal pads that utilize green light energy diodes. The face mask fully conceals the face, upper chest, and neck. This invigorates the skin and aids skin tone. Fat is decimated beneath the chin and around the jawline area. Disposable plastic sheets are included for hygienic purposes.

Contour Light includes a rolling cart for easy transport, an instruction manual, wall, measuring tape, 8 pad covers, and posters. The manufacturer warranty for the machine is given for one year.


The units are manufactured locally in the USA. The machine does not require shipping overseas for import or maintenance. Repairs will be done within the USA, so no need to send to a different country or continent. This is one of the benefits of purchasing a machine from their stable - the repairs are fast, local and high-quality.


Before discount(s): $26,900
After discount(s): Call me at 1-888-547-5296

My Recommendation

As I have suggested, you should take our online quiz to make sure that the Contour Light is suitable for your needs. I have tested the machine and compared its characteristics with other brands and models. It would depend on how much you are using this machine as well as other factors.

Generally, I have the best prices available (across the board - online and physical stores combined). Unfortunately, I cannot share the specific prices online. Call me at 1-888-547-5296 and I can assist you with great pricing and deals. I want you to find what you are looking for at a reasonable cost. Plus, if you would like a demonstration (trial) before buying, I can have one set up for you.

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